1. Getting Started

You’ve made the decision to build a new home, but what do we do now? Not all of our clients start out at the same point in this process. Some clients come to us with a lot already purchased, plan in-hand, ready to start construction as soon as possible. Other clients come to us with ideas and dreams, and we guide them from there. Wherever you fall in this spectrum – we’re here to help!

2. Lot Selection

One of the first major decisions in the home building process is deciding on a lot. The size and shape of a lot can influence the design of your home, and we can help you to select a lot that meets your needs. Blackstone builds in several developments scattered around the city and will assist you closely in determining the best lot not only for your current build but for resale down the road.

3. Plan Design

Home plans can come from a number of sources. Sometimes, our clients come to us with plans that have already been developed. Other times, clients have a list of wants and needs, but want help creating a plan completely unique to their lifestyle. We utilize VirtuActive 3D Drafting and their team can help take a sketch or a few ideas and convert them into a one-of-a-kind floor plan that you’ll love. We can also modify existing plans in ways that will better suit your family’s lifestyle. Whether you’ve already begun the plan design process, or you’re just in the conceptual phase, give us a call and we can help you create a plan perfectly suited for your lifestyle.

4. The Selection Process

This is typically the part of the home building process that may seem the most overwhelming. Yes, there are many decisions that need to be made, but we are here to take out the stress factor and make it an enjoyable process! We work with a team of vendors and suppliers that are the best in the business. Jayson will accompany you to each of these selection meetings, and are there to give you guidance when you need it.

5. Bidding

We strive to provide an accurate bid based on the exact plan and features that you want. We start the selection process prior to providing a final bid so that we can factor your actual selections into your total cost. Not only are you provided with a very accurate bid, but this strategy also minimizes the need for change orders during the construction process.

6. Construction & Project Management

The construction phase is undoubtedly one of the most exciting phases of each project. And we love seeing that excitement in our clients eyes as they watch the walls go up and the details coming together in their own unique home. Jarid and Jayson are on-site daily, ensuring that every detail meets our standard of excellence. Communication is incredibly important to us, and we understand that it is key to a successful project. We provide schedule updates and on-site walkthroughs, so that our clients always feel informed and in-the-loop.

7. Delivering Your Investment

As the construction process comes to an end, we will guide you through the last phase of your build. As you take possession of your new home, we will take the time to explain your warranties, and walk through your home with you to answer your questions. Rest assured that we will continue to be available for any questions that you might have after you move in. Our client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to making your home building process an enjoyable experience. We’re happy to provide a list of references from our past clients so you can hear first-hand what it is like to build with Blackstone Builders.

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